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Ahead of the Curve

Large-cap companies represent a certain amount of stability, being major players that have been in the market for a long time, and rarely prone to sudden changes. Specifically, for this reason, any change in the composition of the top bracket in terms of companies or sectors also indicate strong winds of change in the market, …

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Bajaj Finance – The Northern Star amidst NBFCs

Introduction   Here are some common myths surrounding family-run businesses. ‘’It is impossible for a family business to run successfully for more than two generations’’. ‘’Family business means bad decisions, conservative outlook, and slow progress’’. ‘’Most family-run businesses are led badly and are under-governed’’. Each of the statements above has been proven wrong by the …

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Compete not Boycott

Necessity of trade relations among countries   According to economist David Ricardo, trade between countries is driven by comparative cost and not absolute cost. The simple explanation is comparative advantage allows a country to accrue benefits from trading. Exporting the products that has high absolute cost advantage and importing the ones that has less absolute …

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Will India be able to combat Corona Wave?

Abstract All of us areaware by now the havoc that has been caused by COVID 19 all over the world, especially in Europe and USA.“The worst economic crisis since 2008”, “The FTSE sees its biggest hit since 1987”- intimidating isn’t it?It’s because saying “It’s a setback” and “We will recover” doesn’t gain the media hits that publicising …

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