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India’s Fintech Sector Is The New Investment Hub

The Indian fintech ecosystem is flourishing all over the world, even in its youth stage. In fact, India has outperformed China and emerged as Asia\’s top center for fintech deals and investments. While Covid-19 had put many industries on back-log, the fintech sector has outperformed. For India, the fintech industry has emerged as a critical area …

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NFT And Its Future

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique digital asset designed to represent the ownership of virtual items transacted digitally. It’s encoded using block technology like cryptocurrency, and that’s where the similarity ends. Cryptos are fungible, which means that they can be traded for one another. But NFT’s are non-fungible, which means one cannot exchange one NFT …

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The Indian IPO Wave

The IPO craze in India isn’t following the typical set of rules. The new breed of listed firms has created new norms. Even loss-making companies are raising money through IPO. In fact, even promoters are gradually disappearing. This wasn’t the scenario until 2016. Given such situations, will the gains, be sustainable? The New Wave On …

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Can China’s Crackdown On Ed-Tech Be India’s Gain?

China\’s for-profit, after-school tutoring classes to convert into a non-profit organization – Asks China\’s governing body. According to this, the Chinese government askes companies and institutions teaching the school curriculum must go non-profit and not pursue IPO\’S or take foreign capitals, including mergers and acquisitions, franchises, etc. Additionally, they have been banned from conducting classes …

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