Best Investment portfolio management in India - Lakewater Advisors
Lakewater Advisors are the best in the industry when it comes to investment portfolio management. We stick to the basics. We believe that ‘smartness lies in simplicity’.
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Best Investment portfolio management in India

Investment Philosophy

Lakewater’s investment philosophy is standing firmly on a hexagonal structure with pillars namely –


  • Asset Light
  • Corporate Governance
  • Debt free
  • Innovation
  • Patience
  • Research & Development


Right from the moment of investing in a new stock, we start taking decisions which are guided by the above-mentioned philosophies. Our approach is broad and we like to believe that we are not just buying the stock; we are buying a part of the business.


This helps to keep us grounded yet allowing us to expand our range. We have a rational approach towards the fluctuations of the stock price as long as we believe in the business.

The volatile nature of the market is considered to be a ‘dear friend’ by our experts. It helps us to buy securities at a discounted price. It also gives opportunity to sell securities at a premium which adds intrinsic value.


Our core values are a perfect example of who we are. They are as follows –


C stands for Corporate Spiritual Responsibility.
O stands for Optimism.
T stands for a better Tomorrow.
E stands for Ethics in the work process.


We pick valuable businesses for you, from the stock market and study it in and out. We have an academic approach here as we believe in understanding the nature of the business. We do not believe in drowning you or ourselves in complicated technical analysis or tough market algorithms. Our focus, thus, lies on


  • Economic behaviour of the people.
  • Dynamic social norms.
  • Choices & preferences of people.


We stick to the basics. We believe that ‘smartness lies in simplicity’

Our investments are guided by the following principles

Corporate Spiritual Responsibility (CSpR)

The quality of your ‘Being’ will decide the quality of your ‘Doing’. Hence, of your living.


We focus on ‘Conscious Corporates’ and ‘Enlightened Enterprises’ both as investment options and to run Lakewater ‘Profitably’, in real sense of the term.

ETHICAL work-process: The all-time priority

When the choice is for direction, Lakewater Advisors crew believes the direction of ethics is the only way.


Righteousness through integrity and ethics has no alternative when it comes to building an image. And Lakewater Advisors is pledged to deal ethically with your finances, each time.

OPTIMISM explains wealth creation better

At Lakewater Advisors, equity is not restricted to simply purchasing a stock, but it’s about getting an in-depth knowledge of the business, and understanding that market fluctuations are just diversities in the fiscal scenario that create opportunities for buying and selling.


We believe in optimally approaching the process by understanding and predicting human behavior instead of depending solely on ever changing market algorithms.


Utopia is certainly not a possibility but attempting to assist the society towards cumulative growth is what Lakewater Advisors aim to do.


The benefits of wealth as a resource can be best felt only when shared. And thus, amidst our responsibility towards creating ideal PMS, we aim to contribute towards the financially and anatomically less-privileged individuals and cults of our society through our philanthropic services.